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Absolutely Amazing Experience

"The staff here are so kind and explain everything to me and my husband. I have such high anxiety but I felt no flutters or sweating. I just want to thank you for being so kind; keep up the great work."

- Teresa C.

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At-Home Denture Maintenance


Dentures last for about 5 to 7 years. Dentures wear down and strain with age. Please schedule an appointment with us every 2 years so we can make sure your current dentures are in the best condition possible. If making a new set of dentures is required, it can take approximately 3 to 4 weeks. This is case-specific. 


Dentures are fragile, so always have some sort of barrier (towel or water) in the sink to avoid slippage.

Use cool or warm water to rinse your dentures thoroughly in order to remove any loose food particles. Never use hot water.

Place the dentures in appropriate denture cleaner. Follow the instructions that are provided by the denture cleaner.

Soak the dentures for the appropriate amount of time. Then brush all surfaces with a denture brush. Don’t use a toothbrush to clean your denture.

Rinse the dentures well under water to remove all traces of cleaning product.

Denture Care Ltd carries “Renew” which is a professional strength denture cleaner.

Renew Denture Cleaner


Should I sleep with my dentures?

It is not advisable to sleep with your dentures at night. It will suffocate your gums and cause poor circulation. Your gums need blood flow to stay healthy.


If my denture is loose should I use a paste or powder to keep it in?

Please see your denturist first and as a last resort paste or powder may be advised.


Do I have a say in what color and shape of tooth I get?

Patients do have a say in the appearance, color, shade and size of the tooth during the wax trying stage. During that appointment, the opinion of the patient is heard.


How often should I get a reline?

It depends on whether the patient has lost any weight, health issues and gum resorption. The gums change over time. We recommend a reline every 2 years. Every patient is different, so the timeframe can vary.


Do you do implants at your office?

The surgery procedure to place the implants is done at the dentist office. During the healing process, the denturist can continue to construct the patient their new set of dentures. Once the healing process is complete, the new dentures can have the attachments placed.


If I have missing teeth, should I consider a partial?

Yes, partial dentures are used to assist patients that have only some natural teeth missing. This will help provide the patient with the ability to function with a full set of teeth, and can also enhance esthetics and help prevent the existing natural teeth from migrating.

Denture Cleaning



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